Information for Parents


Parents & Carers - Making Learning Fun

One of our main objectives is to support parents with their child's learning and development.  

How do we do this?

Hoddesdon Children's Centres offer a variety of sessions through the week aimed at different age groups of children. Each session will be specifically designed to meet the needs of those children and will be run by trained staff who can answer any questions parents/carers may have.
All of the sessions will be child led - which means the play and activities will be decided by the children - although we will have some planned activities.
Our sessions are not based on coffee mornings - therefore we are unable to provide any hot drinks.

Learning Through Play

Children begin learning from the moment they are born.
The most common way in which a child will learn is through play.
This can be done in a number of ways using lots of different resources - and not just toys. The Children's Centre will encourage parents during our groups to play and interact with their children.
In addition, the Children's Centre can offer parents guidance about the different stages of development and support them in what's to come.
We have a number of resources that we can let parents have to take home or read.

What can parents do?

Talk to your child - The first and most important thing to help with your child's development is to talk to them, making lots of eye contact. They will soon recognise your voice and this will also support with their own speech and language. Singing and nursery rhymes are great too.

Play with your child - Your child will benefit hugely from a parent/carer getting down to their level and playing. This can help with social interaction, learning to share, hand/eye co-ordination, learning colours and shapes, the list is endless.
If you would like some ideas - please speak to a member of staff who would be happy to support you.

Read with your child - Our lives are often so busy that grabbing some quiet time can sometimes be forgotten. Reading with your child can be very precious as it gives you both a chance to be still and spend some quality time together. Reading to children, from babies onwards, is proven to be significant in their future learning of literacy. Children who are read to, have a greater chance of achieving better grades at school as well as having a more diverse use of language.